Episode 3 | 31.12.2023

How Open & Encouraging Workplaces Foster Ethical Cultures

In this episode, we’re joined by Katelyn Prendiville, co-founder and CEO of employee engagement platform, SeedCulture. We delve into how encouraging open communication within organisations is crucial for success. Katelyn shares her expertise, emphasising the importance of transparency, accountability, and leadership in shaping an organisation’s ethical culture.

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In a world increasingly conscious of corporate sustainability, Katelyn Prendiville underscores the importance of cultivating an ethical culture within organisations. Her discussion with Charlie on ‘The Responsible Edge’ podcast, now highlights the role of open and encouraging workplaces in fostering such cultures.

The Foundation of Ethical Culture

An ethical culture in business, Katelyn notes, starts with transparency and accountability. She emphasises

“creating that safe space where people are encouraged to speak up,”

enabling employees to challenge unethical practices and propose sustainable solutions.

Leadership’s Pivotal Role

“Leaders need to walk the talk,” Katelyn remarks, highlighting the need for authenticity in leadership to inspire trust and ethical behaviour. This is crucial in shaping an organisation’s ethical compass.

Encouraging a Questioning Mindset and Balanced Leadership

Katelyn emphasises the importance of fostering a culture where questioning and probing are essential for identifying ethical breaches, using the case studies of Theranos and Enron to illustrate the dire consequences of failing to do so. She highlights the importance of balanced leadership, noting,

“Having a strong leader and that personal brand can be important,”

but cautions against over-idolisation. This approach to leadership, coupled with a questioning mindset, is key to maintaining ethical integrity in corporate environments.

Educating for Ethical Awareness & Impact on Culture

Katelyn points out the importance of “upskilling yourself on what constitutes an unethical practice,” emphasising education in fostering an ethical culture. She notes the benefits of such a culture include increased employee engagement and customer loyalty.

The Path Ahead

Concluding, Katelyn advises that every individual in an organisation, from interns to CEOs, has the power to contribute to an ethical culture and should not underestimate their influence. The path to fostering ethical cultures in open and encouraging workplaces is both challenging and essential. It requires dedication, leadership, and a collective effort to embed ethical practices into organisational life.

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