Episode 7 | 22.02.2024

Let’s Find Out If Marketing Can Save the Planet.

This week’s episode features a conversation with Michelle Carvill and Gemma Butler, co-founders of Can Marketing Save the Planet. They cover sustainable marketing’s educational and ethical nuances, underscoring the urgent need for the marketing sector to embrace sustainability. Additionally, they discuss their upcoming event, ‘COM1,’ and the release of their new book, ‘Can Marketing Save the Planet?‘, showcasing their efforts to drive impactful environmental change within the marketing community.

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In a time where the call for sustainability grows louder by the day, the marketing sector finds itself at a crossroads. The recent discussion with Michelle Carvill and Gemma Butler, co-founders of ‘Can Marketing Save the Planet,’ sheds light on this pivotal moment. Their insights, drawn from their latest book and the underlying initiative, offer a compelling narrative on the intersection of marketing and sustainability.

The Imperative for Sustainable Practices in Marketing

“Sustainability touches on everybody’s role, no matter what you do.”

Gemma asserts. This statement underscores a significant shift from traditional marketing strategies to practices that emphasise long-term environmental stewardship. The dialogue between Michelle and Gemma highlights the urgency of integrating ethical consumer engagement and the impact of green marketing on brand reputation.

Leveraging Marketing for Environmental Change

Michelle discusses the transformative power of marketing, “Educate yourself… That doesn’t have to be formal education.” This perspective is not only a call to action but also a roadmap for businesses to adopt sustainable practices that align with their brand values and consumer expectations.

The Role of COM1 Event in Sustainable Marketing

The COM1 event exemplifies the initiative’s commitment to fostering sustainability within the marketing community.

“Marketers are responsible for asking the right questions… to be empowered and enabled.”

Michelle explains. The event serves as a platform for sharing knowledge, best practices, and strategies for integrating sustainability into marketing efforts.

Charting the Path Forward

Both Michelle and Gemma emphasise the importance of education and continuous learning for marketers to effectively integrate sustainability into their practices.

“We see the role of sustainable leaders… as facilitators… taking people along the journey.”

Gemma notes. This approach highlights the potential of marketing to drive significant environmental change, provided marketers adopt a responsible lens in their work.


The conversation with Michelle and Gemma offers invaluable insights into the role of marketing in advancing sustainability. Their work serves as a beacon for businesses and marketers alike, urging them to embrace sustainable practices that can lead to a more environmentally responsible future. As we stand at the crossroads of change, their message is clear: marketing has the power to not only shape consumer behaviour but also to contribute to the planet’s well-being.

Grab your copy of their latest book: ‘Can Marketing Save the Planet? 101 Practical Ways to Use Sustainable Marketing as a Force for Good’

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