Episode 6 | 16.02.2024

The Importance and Challenge of Making Sustainability Accessible to SMEs

In this episode, Callum Miller, CEO and co-founder of Ethy, explains the layers of making sustainability achievable for emerging businesses. He discusses Ethy’s digital platform, designed to streamline sustainable practices with a comprehensive standards framework, roadmapping tools, and goal-setting capabilities. Highlighting the critical steps from implementing sustainable actions to transparently communicating these efforts via Ethy’s innovative visual ecolabelling solution, Callum’s dialogue emphasises Ethy’s dedication to simplifying sustainability.

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Accessibility of Sustainability for SMEs

In today’s environment, the imperative for businesses to adopt sustainable practices is clear. However, for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the journey towards sustainability is fraught with challenges, particularly in verifying sustainable practices affordably and effectively. Callum Miller, co-founder of Ethy, shares insights on addressing these challenges, making a compelling case for Ethy’s innovative approach.

Simplifying Sustainability

Ethy emerges as a critical tool for SMEs, providing a streamlined approach to sustainability verification.

“We’re on a mission to simplify sustainability, really in two areas. Firstly, helping [SMEs] with their marketing…ensuring credibility when they talk about their sustainability efforts. And secondly, really helping them with taking action,”

Callum explains. This dual focus underscores Ethy’s comprehensive approach to making sustainability more accessible and actionable for SMEs.

The Importance of Inclusivity and Transparency

Central to Ethy’s ethos is inclusivity, acknowledging the diverse challenges SMEs face and offering tailored solutions that recognise each business’s unique circumstances.

“Most SMEs don’t have a sustainability team or manager in house… We want to provide that level of support, just to make sustainability a bit more accessible for them,”

Callum emphasises. This inclusivity is vital in a landscape where sustainability verification can seem out of reach for smaller entities.

Leveling the Playing Field

By democratising access to sustainability verification, Ethy not only supports SMEs but also contributes to a more equitable and transparent market. This endeavor is crucial for fostering a business environment where sustainability is a shared goal, not a privilege limited to large corporations with substantial resources.

Empowering Through Marketing Strategies

Ethy’s platform facilitates not just the verification process but also aids SMEs in effectively communicating their sustainability efforts to the public. This comprehensive support is crucial for building consumer trust and loyalty in an eco-conscious market.

The Balance Between Ethical Imperatives and Practical Accessibility

Callum’s insights highlight the balance between ethical imperatives and practical accessibility, illustrating Ethy’s commitment to providing solutions that are both ethically sound and feasible for businesses of all sizes.

“Sustainability is not binary…it’s something that we can, as long as we’re open and honest, begin to communicate,”

he shares, advocating for a transparent and step-by-step approach to sustainability.

Ethy’s Broader Impact

Ethy’s mission goes beyond offering tools and services; it’s about cultivating a culture of inclusivity, transparency, and accountability. Through its innovative platform, Ethy is taking significant strides towards a sustainable and equitable business landscape, showcasing the collective effort required to tackle environmental challenges.

Balancing Accessibility with Rigour

Callum discusses the balance between making sustainability verification accessible and ensuring its rigour. He notes that certifications vary greatly: some are simple, while others are thorough but expensive. Callum suggests the need for compromise, especially for smaller businesses with limited budgets.

“Compromise sometimes has to take place,”

he says, emphasising a realistic approach where companies start with what’s achievable and plan to meet higher standards as they grow.

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