Episode 8 | 29.02.2024

The Importance of Understanding the Environmental Impact of Marketing

This week’s episode features Michelle Mayther, sharing her journey from witnessing the environmental toll of conventional marketing to founding The Green Marketing Academy, emphasising the critical role of education in promoting sustainable practices within the industry. The conversation explores practical strategies for reducing marketing’s environmental impact and the importance of authentic communication about a brand’s green initiatives.

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With a passion ignited by witnessing the tangible waste generated by marketing, Michelle Mayther, a Fractional CMO and the Founder of The Green Marketing Academy, took on a task to transform the industry through education and sustainable practices.

“Every marketing decision has an environmental consequence,”

Michelle noted, reflecting on her early career realisation that marketing efforts could lead to significant waste. This awareness led her to pledge a part of her business to educating others on sustainable marketing methods, a commitment that birthed the Green Marketing Academy.

The Catalyst for Change

The deciding moment for Michelle came during a trade show she was responsible for, where the excitement of seeing her designed materials being picked up by attendees quickly turned to despair as she witnessed the disposal of these materials, en masse, at the end of the day.

“I never thought about how much waste just marketing itself can produce,”

she noted. This experience was not only a wake-up call but also a call to action for Michelle, highlighting the urgent need for a shift towards more responsible marketing practices that minimise environmental impact.

Educating for a Sustainable Future

At the core of Michelle’s mission is the Green Marketing Academy, an educational platform dedicated to teaching marketing professionals how to adopt more sustainable, ethical, and inclusive marketing practices. Through this initiative, Michelle emphasises the importance of understanding the broader implications of marketing activities on the environment, urging marketers to consider the lifecycle of their promotional materials and the digital carbon footprint of their campaigns.

Practical Steps Towards Sustainability

One of the most actionable insights from the podcast was the discussion on practical strategies for reducing the environmental impact of marketing efforts. Michelle advocated for a transition towards digital marketing platforms, mindful consumption of resources, and the creative reuse and recycling of marketing materials. She also highlighted the significance of authenticity in communicating a brand’s sustainability efforts, stating,

“Consumers value honesty and are more likely to support brands that are transparent about their sustainability efforts.”

A Call to Action

Michelle’s conversation serves as a reminder of the role marketers play in shaping a sustainable future. By prioritising education and adopting sustainable practices, marketers can lead by example, demonstrating that it is possible to achieve business objectives while also caring for the planet.

“Let’s make marketing a force for good,” Michelle championed, inspiring a new generation of marketers to embrace sustainability as a fundamental aspect of their work. Her message is clear: understanding and mitigating the environmental impact of marketing is not just an ethical choice but a necessary step towards a more sustainable and equitable future.


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